I recently consulted Chetan for his advice when I experienced an unexpected eye problem and I am very grateful for the professional and caring way that he responded. He immediately identified that I needed to seek urgent medical attention and kept in touch to monitor my progress. Thank you. My wife and I have been customers of Suttie's for many years and we have always found everyone to be helpful and professional.


Hello Chetan I hope you and Divia are well and that all the planned changes to the practice are coming together. I have been enjoying wearing my new glasses so much that I have created another picture of me wearing them. This was an experiment using water soluble wax pastels but because I can see so much better I am pleased with the result. Thank you again for having my artwork in the practice and for all your help


I have got excellent service from you people. I approached them nearly out of hours but they given proper investigation and advice for my son actually it was very necessary. It should be greatly appreciated and thank you once again for your humanity.


A friend recommended the Brian Suttie practice in Chesham. She said that they were extremely helpful, friendly and efficient. Although I live 12 miles away from Chesham, I thought I would give them a try as I wasn't impressed by the service I had received from the high street chain opticians I had previously attended. I was so pleased that I did. The Brian Suttie practice staff are friendly, professional and extremely helpful. At a routine eye test last year their optometrist said he thought I needed further investigations as he had detected a possible problem with the pressures in my eyes. This condition has no symptoms but can cause blindness if it flares up and treatment is not given immediately. My test confirmed that I had a problem & he therefore referred me to my local ophthalmic hospital. They confirmed that I had narrow angle glaucoma and subsequently I have had laser treatment and lens replacement. As there are no symptoms for this condition I would not have known I was at risk without his attentiveness. I am so grateful that they were so effective in their tests and have saved me from potential sight loss.


I have had the vari-focal anti-glare driving glasses for a couple of weeks now, and I am really enjoying them. As well as making night driving easier, I also notice that headlight glare in the day is reduced. Additionally, I can see things more sharply in the day, and I can read books (with a bit of effort, I need to hold book a bit away from me). Perhaps I am fortunate that I have had various-focal glasses in the past (but not for night driving), but I found that it was so easy to get used to the glasses. I am beginning to wear them all day rather than just for night driving. All in all, a very satisfied customer. Ask our dispensing team for more information about this new product.


I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent service today. I’ve been coming to you for many years and broke my glasses at the weekend. I’m also undergoing chemo and am currently reliant on friends driving me to places. Today I spoke by phone to a very helpful staff member on reception, was seen quickly at the time I was able to come, received absolutely brilliant service from Rob and left with new frames containing my current lenses. Fitted there and then, checked and the cost spread over four months as I have a direct debit. Many thanks for the friendly and professional service you provide. This is why I come from Luton to Chesham each time!


Thank you so much for all the effort you made to help me choose my new glasses. I am thrilled to bits with them! Here's my stitched impression of me wearing them.


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Chetan and I think it was Johanna on reception for booking me in at last minute today after I became concerned about a possible issue with one of my eyes. I called at around 11am and was seen by 12:40. Chetan had previously been very frank with me about the risk of wearing contact lenses which meant that when there was a change to my eye I immediately got in contact. Luckily I was checked out and all was fine but just wanted to pass on my thanks for giving me peace of mind.