Polarised Lenses

Most glare comes from horizontal surfaces such as light bouncing off water in a lake or sea or off a wet road. Polarised lenses will filter the horizontal light that bounces off these surfaces thereby reducing the glare. A non-polarised pair of sunglasses will only darken the glare and not reduce the glare. Good quality polarised lenses will protect against harmful glare, give crystal clear vision and block UV light. They are not just useful for the summer months but essential for the low winter sun too.


Polarised lenses are suitable for anyone that:

  • Spends time outdoors
  • Spends time near water such as sailing, fishing and water sports
  • Plays sports such as tennis, cricket, golf etc
  • Enjoys cycling
  • Suffers from glare when driving
  • Enjoys holidays


Our friendly team of eyecare professionals can show you the difference that polarised lenses can make and how they will benefit you. Come and experience our Ray Bans, Zeal and the colour enhancing properties of Maui Jim sunglasses by booking an appointment with our dispensing team on 01494 784141.